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Celebrate National Wine Day and National Cheese Day with Airbnb’s Exclusive Experiences

With National Wine Day and National Cheese Day on deck (May 25 and June 4, respectively), there’s really no better time than now to honor your vices. Our friends over at Airbnb share the same sentiment — in recognition of these very important national holidays, they’ve compiled a portfolio of local-led immersions in select cities as part of their new Experiences platform, so now you can not only express your devotion to Tempranillo and Tête de Moine properly, but you can do so through the eyes of a local wherever you may be. If you happen to be traveling out west during either National Wine Day or National Cheese day (or beyond, for that matter), check out these exclusive gastronomic experiences available through Airbnb (by way of your concierge, of course).

A Taste of Point Reyes | San Francisco
Embark on a private tasting of some of San Francisco’s top cheeses and wines (plus some oysters for good measure). You’ll taste five different honey wine varietals over the course of this epic tasting journey.

Seattle Urban Wineries | Seattle

This guided tour will take you through four artisan wineries, all in the Downtown district and each with its own unique approach to winemaking. Come thirsty.

Sip City PDX | Portland

This Experience will showcase three of Portland’s standout urban wineries; guests will taste their way through choice rosés, Pinot Noirs, and Syrahs.

Night Cheese: California Artisans | San Francisco

San Francisco’s Mission Cheese, which also happens to be the country’s first American cheese bar, plays home to this evening Experience. Enjoy interactive cheese pairings featuring four California artisan cheeses and four local craft beers.

Dynamic Oregon Wines | Portland

Acquaint yourself with Oregon’s local wines with this Experience led by a local winemaker, who will illustrate the story of the state’s mission to raise the bar for American wines.

Crafting Escape at Portia’s Studio | Los Angeles

Get creative with an Emmy Award winning Artist, who will lead this wine-fueled Experience focusing on handmade journals.

Image courtesy of Alice Donovan Rouse

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