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The Final Four is Calling…and We’re Answering

As we find ourselves in the midst of the frenzy that is March Madness, the countdown to the Final Four is on…and so are our party hats. On April 1, the semifinals will be held in Phoenix with the Final Four championship game taking place on April 3, and in celebration of the events, countless festivities will be popping up in the area before and after the final game, including an exclusive pre-finals bash at the W Scottsdale on Thursday, March 30th (your concierge can provide exclusive access). So for those already in town, go forth, and for those tickled by last-minute travel, contact your concierge to arrange for travel, accommodations (either at the W Scottsdale or other local favorites), and of course, tickets to the semifinals and final match.

Staying local here in New York City? Take a peek at our where-to-watch guide, which is proof that big screens with refined food and drink do indeed exist in this realm.

Contact your concierge for any and all March Madness-related needs.

Image via NPR