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by LIVunLtd Director of Spa + Wellness, Kate Mearns Why wait until you can get to a spa to have a spa-like day?  There is no need to hold off.  Here are a few things you can do to feel like you are waking up at a full-service spa. 1. Change your alarm setting. Forget the … Continued
With Earth Day this month, we are reminded again of how important it is to be conscious of our individual impact on the environment. Our team put together a list of low impact experiences and products so you can indulge in modern conveniences with the Earth in mind. STAY / La Fortuna Atitlan La Fortuna … Continued
Meet Carlos Melia, the ultimate travel extraordinaire and founder of Luxury Gay Travel Network. He is a full-service luxury bespoke Travel Agent, Travel Blogger, Concierge, Hospitality Consultant and Wedding Planner. We sat down with Carlos to get the inside scoop on his favorite world destinations. How did you get your start in the travel industry? … Continued
Dharma ECO Yoga Wheel I had my first experience on the Dharma ECO Yoga Wheel while on vacation in Mexico. The yoga instructor at The Hotel Esencia utilized it in her morning yoga class. It offered just enough support for me to concentrate on proper alignment while in spinal extension. Total backbend breakthrough. The Yoga … Continued
Famous for its Broadway shows, New York City never disappoints when it comes to entertainment. Whether you’re in town for one night or a permanent resident, here are the 15 hottest tickets in town. My Fair Lady Vivian Beaumont Theater / 150 WEST 65TH STREET BETWEEN COLUMBUS + AMSTERDAM AVENUE Lerner + Loewe’s My Fair Lady … Continued
by LIVunLtd Director of Spa + Wellness, Kate Mearns When you decide to go to a spa, it’s important to know what to expect, especially if it’s your first visit. Knowing what services to select and what to expect when you arrive can help you enjoy your experience to the fullest. 5 helpful tips to … Continued
When I was 6 years old, I learned to ski at the Snowbird Ski Resort in Utah. They showed me how to go and stop (French fries to go, pizza to stop). I went straight down the hill. No fear. No pain afterward. Several decades (and a few injuries) later, a run down the mountain … Continued
written by our in-house broadway expert, Eric Strauss I had the pleasure to see two legends perform, in a legendary role, in a legendary show: Bette Midler and Bernadette Peters in Hello, Dolly! Bette Midler opened this revival in the summer of 2017. I scored tickets months in advance – any later and it was completely sold … Continued
Sweaty Benefit #1: Eases Muscle Pain Did you strain something shoveling snow or slipping on a patch of black ice? Working up a sweat just might soothe some of the soreness. Exercise stimulates neurochemical pathways in the brain, resulting in the production of endorphins that act as natural painkillers. Sweaty Benefit #2: Flushes the Body … Continued
NYE EXPERIENCE AT THE KNICK Enjoy one of the best views of Times Square from a luxurious guest room above the iconic ball drop. Packages include admission to the rooftop party with access to St. Cloud, plus overnight accommodations. TOP OF THE STANDARD PARTY WITH GLORIA GAYNOR A glitzy, black tie event at the top … Continued