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LIVunLtd Insider: Meet Fitfluencer and Supermom Jamie Hess

Keeping fitness as part of the everyday routine (or at least trying) is something we can all relate to — whether it’s waking up early to squeeze a spin class in before work, commiserating about how long it’s been since the last time you went, or buddying up as a means of co-motivation, there’s something that binds us all to it in one way or another. But then there are some who take things to a whole new level, turning what is a hobby for some into a lifestyle and even a career component. Take Jamie Hess, for example: PR pro, social media maven, wife, mother, daughter to Joan Lunden, and on top of it all, a fitness icon bringing her passion to the masses through curated fitness events around the city.

Needless to say, Jamie is a prime example of what it means to find one’s own niche within the NYC fitness scene, so we sat down for a one-on-one to pick her brain on how she made it happen — and how you can be a part of it. Keep reading for the full story, exclusively on LIVunLtd.

Image courtesy of Chris Caro

1. Tell us a bit about yourself!

Hi – I’m Jamie Hess! I’m a public relations professional with the Narrative Group, a New York City #fitmom, and the co-creator of @NYCfitfam with my husband, George. After George proposed to me on the treadmills at Barry’s Boot Camp, we began chronicling our fitness adventures on social media and it kind of took off from there! We were named one of the “seven fittest couples on Instagram” by Women’s Health, and have been featured on ABC News, The Daily Burn, the New York Post, Refinery29, the Observer, and more. We share our experiences on both Instagram and YouTube, and also host events in real life. I think why it “clicked” is because we’re not personal trainers or registered dietitians – we’re just two real people who have a passion for wellness and like sharing it with others.

2. So you’re a PR pro by day, a fitness guru in your spare time, and a mom to your little one throughout all of that. How do you balance everything so well?

My mom is TV journalist, Joan Lunden, so watching her balance the world on her shoulders was a life lesson I learned young! She also taught me that when life hands you opportunities, you just say YES and then figure out how to do it! Part of why I’m able to balance everything is because I have an amazing partner in my husband. When life gets frenzied, we both take a step back and figure out how to co-pilot better so we can navigate the waters as smoothly as possible.

3. What drew you to fitness originally?

I was an internationally competitive equestrian in my youth, and when I gave up riding, I missed not only being active, but setting and achieving goals. I love to look ahead and have something to train for. We should always consider ourselves “in training!” Also, exercise is the only time my mind quiets down long enough to be fully present in the moment. It is my own personal meditation.

4. Nowadays, you’re curating monthly fitness events with your equally impressive partner in crime: your husband. Let’s hear more about that!

Our events were actually born from a funny place… Date Night. When we became new parents, everyone told us to take “date night” to nurture our relationship apart from the baby. Dutifully, we’d hire a babysitter, get dressed up, and go out to dinner, where we’d end up eating calories and spending money we regretted. We decided to redefine “date night” to fit our own unique interests as a couple, and began using it as an opportunity to try a new fitness studio or running route, take a healthy cooking class, or indulge in a guided meditation practice. We found these activities to be so much more exhilarating, enriching, and satisfying as a couple, and decided to begin producing events to offer these same wellness-based experiences to others. For instance, for our last event, called “Nourish Your Soul,” we brought in the owner of one of New York’s top Vegan restaurants for a cooking demonstration and paired it with a guided meditation from a top Yogi.

5. Can you share some details on what events you’ve got in the pipeline right now?

George and I are blessed to find ourselves on the “front lines” of fitness & wellness, so we’ve always got something going! We are really focused on our NYCfitfam YouTube channel right now, where we post weekly videos on fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness. It is so much fun to shoot videos with our 21-month-old son, Mason… he is such a ham!

6. How can LIVunLtd clients gain access to and participate in your events?

We are working on something for August with a major luxury brand, and can’t wait to give LIVunLtd clients access when it launches. Stay tuned!

Contact your LIVunLtd concierge to find out when to expect updates on Jamie’s next event (and where to work out in the meantime).