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9 Wellness Experiences to Celebrate the New Year

Start the New Year off with the intention to live a healthier, more-centered life! To make that intention a reality, we put together a list of 9 wellness experiences in the New York City area this January that will support your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being going into the new year.

Courtesy of @maharosenyc

Resolutions Sound Bath

Tuesday, January 1st at Maha Rose Center for Healing

“Please bring a journal, pen/paper, for we will be writing our intentions for the year. We will also create a step by step program to get you to the goal while being of service to others. Commit to yourself and hold yourself accountable for who you are and who you are meant to be.”

Courtesy of @maharosenyc

Intention Setting + Goal Planning for 2019

Wednesday, January 2nd at Maha Rose Center for Healing

“We will work with practical tools like “The Life Wheel”, “Reflection Achievement List”, “Step by Step Action Plan” & “Logical Levels”. As well we will do a meditation to manifest your goals. You will leave the class with your individual action plan that gives you guidance step by step towards your goals.”

Visioning Your Way into The New Year

Friday, January 4th at Mindful Harlem

“In this integrated and engaging workshop, you will learn techniques like visualization, meditation, mindfulness, and yoga to plan the course of your year. We will explore the connection between emotions, intentions, and goal setting. Activity: vision board. Bring magazines if you would like to elaborate on your vision board.”

Courtesy of Voice Bath

New Moon Vocal Sound Bath with Odeya Nini

Saturday, January 5th at Woom Center

“A vocal sound bath led by vocalist Odeya Nini, using crystal and Tibetan singing bowls with a dynamic, non verbal voice.”

Courtesy of @animamundiherbals

New Moon, New Year, New You: Planting Seeds For Manifesting Your Future Self

Saturday, January 5th at Anima Mundi Apothecary

“In our time together, we will talk about clearing the path for effective manifestation, engage in movement designed to energize the body and mind, then take a guided visualization journey to your future. You will then journal about your visions for the coming year. From these insights, you will then create a vision board representing your intentions, which will help keep you on track toward your goals.”

Courtesy of The Glossary

Herbalism 101 with Rachelle Robinett

Wednesday, January 9th at CAP Beauty

“Rachelle is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Clinical Herbalist and Founder of Supernatural, the gorgeous high health cafe inside of Woom Center. Rachelle combines natural medicine with practical habit-building to help people find balanced, lasting vitality. Here she shines her light on the magic of herbs. Come with questions and come ready to learn.”

Courtesy of The Spaces

Art + Yoga

Saturday, January 12th at the Brooklyn Museum

“Join us for a morning of yoga, meditation, and art, hosted by Brooklyn Yoga Project. Proceeds this month benefit RAICES (Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services), an organization dedicated to providing legal services to refugees and immigrants, including reuniting separated families.”

Courtesy of Savor Beauty

2019 Visioning: Meditation + Planning

Wednesday, January 16th at Savor Beauty Upper West Side

“Join Savor Beauty to meditate, reflect, and create a vision for your next 90 days. Learn from founder Angela Jia Kim how she accesses her intuition to manifest her intentions through the savor life planner. Savor Beauty will be donating one savor life planner for every planner purchased to Girls, inc.

Vibe Higher by Y7 Studio Retreat

January 18th – January 20th at Gurney’s Montauk Resort + Seawater Spa

“Step out of the studio for a weekend of movement and mindfulness at the breathtaking waterfront property. We’ll combine Y7’s beat bumpin’ yoga flows with guided sessions to help you work through areas of life that tends to keep us stuck in old habits and energy. Think of this Montauk weekend as more of an arrival, less of a retreat, because when we take time to slow down, we truly arrive at our most authentic self.”

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