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amenity management

Fitness + Wellness, Event Planning, Aquatics, Facility Management and Concierge: a comprehensive amenity program requires specialized subject matter expertise. LIVunLtd’s unique differentiator comes from industry-leadership with proven track records in each individual facet. Click here to learn more about the property types we're partnered with.

fitness + wellness

Whether your goal is to lose, tone, strengthen, condition, nourish, rehabilitate, or luxuriate, LIV has an in-house specialist, plus a vast network of experts to get you there.

— Personal Training
— Group Fitness Classes
— Yoga, Pilates, Barre
— Meditation
— Nutrition

staffing + management

Your property will be set up for success with a polished site manager and front-of-house team. Not only will they be supported by an experienced portfolio manager, but also with LIV's unmatched infrastructure, technology, and operating platform.

— Staffing, Recruiting, Training
— Facility Cleaning
— Equipment Maintenance

social programming

Whatever your budget or desired frequency of events, LIV's in-house creative team comes to the table each month with bright ideas for high-caliber, community-building events designed for the specific amenities you want to feature.

— Seasonal Events
— Culinary Experiences
— Speakers, Round-Tables, Seminars
— Family Activities
— Ongoing Programming


To manage and maintain the safety, functionality, and appearance of your water amenities, LIV synchronizes with our partner company, plus a team of certified pool operators and technicians.

— Lifeguards
— Cleaning
— Chemicals
— Mechanical Maintenance