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The Best Places to Work Remotely in NYC

Ah, New York City. Land of the hustlers and home of the sleepless. It’s no secret that one of the most common threads amongst us is our knack for working ’round the clock, so it’s always great to have a Rolodex of go-to spots around Manhattan that are conducive to setting up shop and cranking out emails or wrapping up a project in a time crunch. Because there’s nothing worse than sitting down with a latte in one hand and your laptop in the other before seeing the dreaded “NO WIFI” sign taped to the baked goods vitrine.

So in the spirit of just getting things done à la New Yorker, we’ve rounded up a list of our favorite places to kick back and re…ad over that 64-page contract we’ve been meaning to get to. Happy working!

1. Greecologies

Located right in the heart of NoLita, this sunny Greek yogurt hotspot is the perfect place to settle in with some hot buttered coffee (it’s a thing) and catch a breath of fresh air on the quiet patio while taking advantage of the free wifi.

379 Broome Street

Image via kevinhwong.com


2. Devocion

Bean snobs, unite! Devocion is the only farm-to-table coffee roaster in the world. They work directly with farmers and FedEx to get their specialty coffee to Brooklyn overnight, you can really taste the difference! Beyond the brew, the workspaces are flooded with natural light and lined with plants.

69 Grand St (Williamsburg, Brooklyn) + 276 Livingston St (Downtown Brookyln)

Courtesy of Devocion


3. Intelligentsia

Nestled inside the historic High Line Hotel in Chelsea, Intelligentsia serves the best of both worlds to its wifi-seeking customers: quiet work-friendly peace in the interior of the old New York haunt and, in warm weather, access to a gorgeous patio with seats and tables aplenty. All in addition to a great cup of coffee.

180 Tenth Avenue

Image via Melting Butter


4. Bryant Park

Bryant Park in all its summer glory is the perfect place to spend an afternoon, particularly with the al fresco Le Pain Quotidien location at park goers’ fingertips. And best of all, they’ve got free public wifi — who knew? In the event of inclement weather, head across the street to the atrium at 1 Bryant Park (next to Starbucks), which also boasts complimentary wifi.

Between 40th and 42nd Streets and Fifth and Sixth Avenues

Image via TravelDigg.com


5. Gotan TriBeCa

TriBeCa’s café cornerstone Gotan is wholly dedicated to the cause, centering its mission and ethos around the art of coffee. This place is ideal for those with an affinity for a great cup and an appreciation for beautiful spaces (with free wifi).

130 Franklin Street

Image via Gotan


6. Ground Central

Should you find yourself in Midtown, Ground Central’s two locations will come to the rescue when desperate times call for a remote office. With great food and espresso drinks alongside cozy couches and (again) complimentary wifi, there’s not much more you could ask for.

800 Second Avenue/155 East 52nd Street

Image via Josh Held Design

7. Oslo Coffee Roasters

Oslo Coffee Roasters on the Upper East Side is worth the trek even if just for the coffee itself, but once you’re there, you might as well settle in to get some housekeeping done. Or don’t! Life is too sh…okay, who are we kidding?

422 East 75th Street

Image via sideways.nyc

8. Spreadhouse Coffee

Spreadhouse is quite possibly our favorite eclectic free wifi hangout on the Lower East Side — perhaps it’s the cozy couches and rugs or the fact that it’s open from 7:30am ’til midnight (and somewhere toward the later end, they start serving alcoholic beverages). Either way, the “laissez-travailler” vibe is a remote worker’s dream.

116 Suffolk Street

Contact your concierge for more dining and drinking recommendations at any time.