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The Latest Updates from LIVunLtd

OPERATIONS LIVunLtd’s comprehensive “Roadmap To Reopening” incorporates the latest guidelines and best practices to prepare for the safe and successful reopening of amenity spaces. This detailed checklist follows the advice of in-house and external industry experts, as well as government officials and regulatory agencies. If you are an existing client, your VP will contact you to tailor the reopening process specifically to your building. If you are not a client, CLICK HERE.

TRAINING LIVunLtd’s Director of Training and Development has created and implemented mandatory COVID Prevention Training for all front-line associates. We are committed to taking all possible steps to protect our clients and our associates from the spread of coronavirus.

PROGRAMMING LIVunLtd is currently offering a wide variety of virtual social programs and activities as well as virtual fitness classes and virtual personal training to keep residents fully engaged, even when amenity spaces remain closed. FOLLOW US to see a few examples of what we’re doing. If you are an existing client, CLICK HERE for the latest copy of our event menu.

PRESS Thanks to our amazing team of associates for their creativity, innovation, and dedication to problem-solving which has been recognized in the press as a bright spot during the difficult times resulting from the COVID crisis. CLICK HERE for the latest press.