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LIVunLtd Clients joined Yassmin Dever, Wine Advisor from Sotheby’s Wine for a virtual happy hour yesterday on the LIVunLtd Instagram. This first installment was all about Chardonnay. Here is their curated selection for our clients: 1. 2016 Sotheby’s: Chablis Enchere ($21.95) My go-to everyday white when I’m craving a dry, mineral-laden, unoaked Chardonnay with crisp acidity. This is … Continued
AN EDUCATIONAL TRIP TO PARIS Bonjour les petits enfants! Learn all about Parisien culture without ever having to leave your building! Start by teaching your kiddos basic French from the best platform for learning a language, Duolingo Kids. After their first session, reward their hard work with a tasting of Ladurée’s classic macarons flavors, baked fresh and delivered … Continued
DATE NIGHT Jetset to Florence, one of the most romantic cities in the world, and stroll through the galleries of the Uffizi with your love right from your couch. Virtual gallery hopping will surely work up an appetite, so we recommend ordering in a bowl of heartwarming spaghetti from L’Artusi paired with a bottle of Sotheby’s Wine’s Own Label Langhe Nebbiolo. BOTH … Continued
Every year, social media explodes with incredible photos from Stage 48 of the vibrant, colorful celebrations of Holi Hai, the Indian tradition of welcoming Spring. Whether or not you plan to be doused in colorful chalk, your concierges at LIVunLtd have the perfect shortlist of our favorite Indian food in NYC. OM Upper East Side 1593 2nd … Continued
Meet Tze Chun, the founder of Uprise Art, the gallery for the next generation of art collectors. As an artist and entrepreneur, Chun wanted to make the culture of art and building an art collection less intimidating and more accessible for a more vast population of people who might be new to engaging with and collecting … Continued
Being a concierge comes with a very distinct set of responsibilities, one of which is to research and visit the best restaurants, venues, shows, and for this edition of LIVely, the best spa getaways within 2 hours of NYC. After such exhausting research in the treatment rooms, saunas and aquatic therapy pools of these fine … Continued
  Right up there with New Year’s Eve, deciding on a restaurant for Valentine’s Day can be an intimidating task. That’s why your team of concierges at LIVunLtd have been busy curating a variety of recommendations ranging from over-the-top chic to cozy and romantic. If dining out is not your idea of the perfect plan, … Continued
Famous for its Broadway shows, New York City never disappoints when it comes to entertainment. NYC Broadway Week is back and runs from January 21st through February 9th. The twice-yearly celebration of live theater invites you to enjoy the most spectacular productions with 2-for-1 tickets to some of the best Broadway shows, including several Tony … Continued
Meryl took a leap from her PR career to work with James Beard Award-Winning chef, Missy Robbins, at Lilia and Misi, before launching her own stand-alone dining project, Pasta Social Club. We chatted with the PSC chef and founder to learn about her journey to bringing people together through the shared experience of pasta. In your words, what is Pasta Social Club? … Continued
  It’s just about time to organize your home and start decorating for the most cheerful, wonderful, and hectic time of the year. Faith Roberson, the NYC-based professional organizer and life coach behind Organize With Faith,  shares her simple and creative tips that’ll help you make the most of your space, decor, and your sanity! … Continued