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Attracting prospects, engaging existing residents, building brand loyalty and creating every form of retention — partner with LIV for our expertise.
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Condos, Co-Ops, Rentals and Gated Communities partner with LIVunLtd to bring the resident experience to life. Our expertly-designed activations resemble the type of programming you'd find at the most in-demand members-only clubs.


Commercial Buildings, Corporate Offices, Retailers and Retail Centers partner with LIVunLtd to drive employee and customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention. Our extended range of services and specially-curated perks enhance any organization’s culture.


Hotels, Resorts, Country Clubs and Extended-Stay Hotels partner with LIVunLtd to staff, manage, and operate the entire concierge department. Our depth of insider knowledge, contacts and service standards create an insider experience for visitors and locals alike.


Spas and Wellness Centers partner with LIVunLtd for everything from concept and design to staffing and operations. Our thought-leadership and service style has earned critical acclaim for our clients across the globe.