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Meet Our Trainers

Adam Barrameda

Personal Training, Yoga

1. What is your hometown?
Roxbury, New Jersey

2. What were you doing before working at LIVunLtd?
Before teaching with LIV, I was shaking the finest cocktails in Prospect Heights.

3. What can I expect from you in class and in the gym?
In the words of my alma mater, Kula Yoga Project: sweaty, intelligent, ecstatic. I strive to balance nerdy anatomical alignment with an electric sense of play. Expect rich, subtle cueing, thoughtful sequences, and a good measure of nourishing restorative.

4. What are you doing when you are not teaching or training?
Meditating, of course! Ha. Besides that, I love to read. My current favorite is How to Do Nothing, by Jenny Odell.

5. What is your guilty pleasure?

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