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Meet Our Trainers

Nadine Hildebrand

Pilates, Yoga

1. What is your hometown?
New York, NY

2. What were you doing before working at LIVunLtd?
Pool Lifeguard, Babysitter, Waitress, German Tutor, Salsa Ladystyle Instructor, Administrative Assistant, Marketing Manager, Account Manager, Studio Desk Manager.

3. What can I expect from you in class and in the gym?
I define wellness and health as a feeling of vitality, fulfillment, connection, and resilience to life’s ups, downs, and imperfections. In my classes I strive to educate and empower the students through Yoga, Pilates and mindfulness practices, encouraging them to invest in their own overall health and self-care. I’m dedicated to providing a safe environment in which the students can connect to their own creativity and finding their own edge in a fun and light-hearted, yet strengthening and grounding class with focus on the breath and anatomical as well as energetic alignment.

4. What are you doing when you are not teaching or training?
I’m also working as a babysitter, German tutor, and Studio Desk Manager. In my spare time, I love to dance, read and travel the world! 🙂

5. What is your guilty pleasure?
SWISS chocolate! 😉

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