Your project will benefit from LIVunLtd’s decades of experience. We have consulted on hundreds of projects ranging from 1,000/sqft workout studios to 100,000/sqft fitness centres. We believe in creating environments where people enthusiastically embrace fitness and wellness, and we have the expertise to guide every stage of the process – from inception to grand opening and even extending to becoming your partner in longterm operations.


Our approach is informed by a blend of trend forecasting with present-day metrics and experience to help you articulate your vision of a facility and an experience that reflects your brand. Our comprehensive suite of services includes market demand and feasibility studies; business plans and projections; facility design and layout; 3-D renderings; program operations and development; equipment recommendations and layout; equipment procurement and installation; and five-year operating plans.



We thoroughly analyze your competitive set, your market segment and your desired demographic. From there, we apply our experience to assemble an informed and meaningful assessment of revenue potential and associated costs to launch and operate your facility.

equipment plan AND procurement

Knowing the perfect combination, quantity and type of equipment for your facility is a skill that comes only with the depth of experience LIVunLtd has acquired from so many years in the business. LIVunLtd is committed to ensuring that you select exactly the blend of equipment that suits your goals, and we seamlessly manage the entire purchasing process right through installation and beyond.