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When today’s trends quickly becoming yesterday’s cliches, LIVunLtd brings a depth of knowledge and experience to help you make the best decisions about your property’s amenity offering.

fitness equipment

There is a balance between dazzle and function, and we believe both are achievable. Together with our partner company, Heartline Fitness, LIVunLtd will deliver the perfect layout with exactly the right collection of equipment to fulfill your aesthetic vision and your fiscal goals.

concept + design

Each project has a unique story to tell, and LIVunLtd will work with you to assemble the perfect mix of amenities for your property. From there, we add creative direction to help you develop a calendar of events and activations that will bring your amenities to life.

operational model

Whether compiling your offering plan or managing your association’s annual budget, LIVunLtd will develop a staffing and operating model tailored to your specific needs, whether you seek to self aesthetic or to retain our services to operate and manage your amenities.

design review + procurement

There are countless amenity-specific details that impact the flow and functionality of the space. LIVunLtd is always a welcomed collaborator with your architects and designers. In addition to reviewing floor plans and layouts, we can assist with FF&E, OS&E, and procurement.