Fitness Equipment

LIVunLtd offers the largest breadth of product on the market, plus preventative maintenance and service. We sell every type of equipment to a vast range of consumer. From commercial gyms to residential amenity centers to hotels, campuses, physical rehab facilities and even in-home gyms.

Layout, renderings AND design

LIVunLtd uses the industry’s most up-to-date design technology to create precision three-dimensional layouts, incorporating every detail of your space. From there, we carefully guide you in selecting the right mix of equipment for your goals, perfectly placed to maximize the look and flow of your space.


LIVunLtd has preferred relationships with the industry’s best manufacturers of every type of top-of-the-line fitness equipment, including flooring, accessories, digital programs, storage solutions and everything else you need for your facility. Whatever the scale of your project, LIVunLtd has the expertise to guide you to the right equipment for your specific needs, and we’re there for you at every phase, from selection to installation.


Protect your investment, extend the life of your equipment, minimize downtime, save money on repairs and maximize the resale value of your equipment with one of our preventative maintenance plans. LIVunLtd has a fleet of expert technicians to inspect, maintain and service every type of equipment. Our competent and reliable techs are on stand-by for everything from routine check-ups and maintenance to major repairs – in or out of warranty.