A Guide to Cognitive Equipment for your Brain

April 17, 2024

In the dynamic landscape of fitness and training, so many new and innovative products are coming out to help improve performance and reach higher ambitions. Enter cognitive equipment, a newly trending type of fitness equipment, designed to amplify workouts, stimulate the mind, and redefine the boundaries of physical achievement. With so many options to choose from, we wanted to share six of our favorite cognitive equipment products to help you achieve your fitness goals this Spring.

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Reax Lights Pro

Reax Lights Pro is the ultimate interactive training tech. Portable and customizable, it enhances workouts with dynamic visual cues, fostering rapid cognitive and physical responses. Ideal for fitness, rehab, or sports performance, it elevates training and helps achieve fitness goals.

Reax Board

Reax Board is an innovative proprioceptive training tool for balance, stability, and coordination. Its dynamic surface simulates real-life movements, engaging multiple muscle groups for sports training, injury prevention, or rehab. Portable and durable, it’s versatile for fitness facilities or therapy clinics, offering dynamic functional training and cognitive stimulation.

Flui Balls

Flui Balls‘ are dynamic fluid-filled accessories for muscle engagement and safe workouts. Soft yet durable, they enable a variety of exercises without floor or wall damage. Their instability activates stabilizing muscles, enhancing balance, coordination, and core strength. Ideal for rehab, functional training, or group fitness, they boost fitness and performance while reducing injury risk.

SMARTFit Equipment

Interactive panels, sensors, and targets with exercise programs and games for engaging fitness training. Users complete tasks on touch-sensitive panels while sensors track movements, providing data on reaction time and accuracy. Gamification elements motivate users, with wireless connectivity for progress tracking and accessing extra content. Versatile and scalable, SMARTFit suits various fitness levels and settings, from gyms to schools to rehab centers, for enjoyable, personalized workouts.

DDR Home Game

Experience the thrill of the arcade at home with DDR. Step onto the dance pad, follow the beat, and unleash your moves to the rhythm. Perfect for solo practice or lively competitions with friends, DDR brings the dance floor excitement to your living room.

Vital Neuro

Envision smart headphones that enhance your brain’s vitality, akin to a fitness tracker for your mind. Vital stands alone with its professional-grade EEG technology, seamlessly merging clinical precision with everyday convenience. Our patented system dynamically adjusts your music, tailoring sessions to your unique mental state, ensuring each experience is one-of-a-kind. All housed within a sleek, contemporary design you’ll proudly wear anywhere.