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While we share in the global heartbreak over the attacks in Ukraine, we also understand the many concerns and questions coming to us from clients who are hoping to make plans to enjoy the many wonderful international events and experiences taking place around the world in the coming months. We recently went to two experiential … Continued
There’s no denying the beauty of Mother Nature when the leaves turn over from greens to bright oranges, yellows and reds. This season, you don’t have to travel far to face the fall foliage. Here are 6 destinations for leaf peeping in New York, most of which are located in our very own backyard. Want … Continued
As we finally begin to gather again, many of us will be venturing back to the joys of hosting! That’s why our team of entertaining experts put together this toolkit of ideas, tips and tricks to set you up for hosting success. Whether you’re looking to host a bonfire party out East for 30 of … Continued
Dad’s can be tough to shop for - do you go for the cufflinks or the wallet? The YETI Cooler or watch? Not to worry, here is our shortlist of six thoughtful, and FUN, gifts to show appreciation to the father figure in your life.
In New York, where there’s a wellness space to suit every individual predilection, the landscape has expanded immensely with this past year’s push into at-home services, tele-health appointments, and house calls. Here is a guide to New York’s best wellness services, in both in-studio and at-home formats. Call it something for everyone—and every part of … Continued
When it comes to defining the role of a professional concierge, we at LIVunLtd like to explain that our concierge team is one part personal assistant and one part idea wizard. With the imminent stress that comes with trying to decide on the perfect gift for Mom, our team of eclectic thinkers put together this shortlist of ideas for unique, thoughtful gifts for every type of mom - down-to-earth mom; cool mom; uptown mom; wellness-obsessed mom and even grandmom.
WORK-cation is the new STAY-cation. It’s reported that 1 in 4 Americans now work from home, so as long as you have wifi and a ring light for your Zoom meetings, why not take your “home office” away from home for a week, a month, or the whole summer! Your LIVunLtd concierge team has been diligently … Continued
For some, the approaching holiday season brings hopes and visions of warm, cozy dinner parties at home with family and friends. While this year is very different from years past, we want to be a trusted resource for those who are thinking about responsibly hosting a small group of close friends or family at home. … Continued
While virtual learning may work for some students, one size does not fit all when it comes to getting an education. With the school year now in full swing, parents shouldn’t feel nervous about sending their kids into the classroom or whether or not they’re actually retaining information when logging on their Zoom class. There … Continued
While there are many things about 2020 we probably want to put behind us, saying goodbye to the make-shift street and sidewalk dining rooms brings a bit of melancholy because so many of us have come to appreciate the spirit and the experience of dining al fresco in the middle of a city street. Before … Continued