The NYC Wellness Index

May 24, 2021

In New York, where there’s a wellness space to suit every individual predilection, the landscape has expanded immensely with this past year’s push into at-home services, tele-health appointments, and house calls. Here is a guide to New York’s best wellness services, in both in-studio and at-home formats. Call it something for everyone—and every part of the body. Whether your goal is to lose, tone, strengthen, condition, cure, nourish, rehabilitate, or luxuriate, LIVunLtd has an in-house specialist, plus a vast network of experts in our rolodex to get you there.

Let your LIVunLtd Concierge arrange your booking, and you can send us your request through the LIV app, our web portal, or by emailing or calling us directly. 


24/7 Medical Concierge

Sollis Health

Meet your new emergency contact – Sollis Health. This 24/7 members-only medical concierge service handles emergencies, check-ups and everything in-between, and the best part is there’s no appointment or wait! This comprehensive house call service reaches the Hamptons and even South Florida. As a client of LIVunLtd, you’ll receive a complimentary house call when you sign up for a Sollis membership. Contact your concierge to get started. 

In-Home Botox + Spa Treatments

Inside Beauty Concierge

Plump and fill at your convenience with Inside Beauty, the 5-star reviewed, luxury medical spa that helps you discover your most youthful appearance. Their Concierge Services Package offers in-home, bespoke consultations and procedures like botox, fillers, micro-needling, chemical peels, and more – all scheduled at a time and place that’s most convenient for you.

IV Hydration Therapy

The I.V. Doc

When you’re sick, tired, or hungover, the last thing you want to do is commute to your doctor’s office or leave your apartment for the cure. Relax and recover from the comfort of your own home with The I.V. Doc’s in-home services including their I.V. Hydration Drips are tailored to your needs with fluids, electrolytes, vitamins, and possibly prescribed medications to treat your conditions, so you’re back to feeling your best self in just 30-45 minutes. 

Infrared Sauna

Higher Dose

This portable, at-home sauna allows you to get high naturally. Loved by celebrities all over, Higher Dose’s blanket works to increase your body’s thermal energy and promote a temporary increase in blood flow. The result? Glowing skin, relaxation, decreased pain and soreness and a healthy, rejuvenating experience.

Massage Therapy


After a locked-down year, your back, shoulders and body could use some TLC. Zeel’s massages offer all the benefits of spa experience that target your specific needs and wants. Their 5-star reviewed massage therapists come to your door with all the necessary equipment in as little as an hour’s notice. As a client of LIVunLtd, you have access to exclusive pricing.

Holistic Nutrition Coaching


Holistic Health + Nutrition coaching is for anyone searching for guidance on how to make small, positive food and lifestyle changes to create a more balanced and healthy life. Our coaches are invested in creating a supportive environment that will allow you to set and achieve your wellness goals. In this 60-minute session, you will go over anything from how to develop a better relationship with food, meal plans, grocery + pantry guides, introduction to a plant-based diet, tips on how to be more active daily, exercise plans and small routines to start on your own. 

A complimentary 15-minute phone consultation will take place before the initial session to discuss what you would like to work on and see how your coach will best support you in achieving these goals. Email fitnessconcierge@livunltd.com to book your session. In-person and virtual options available.

Meditation Coaching


Perfect for anyone looking to expand their current meditation practice, or anyone who wants to get started with meditation, but may be finding solo meditation challenging. Sitting with one of Our coaches will allow you to learn to become still, get some distance and observe who you are and see what’s really going on in your home, workplace, and the world. 

Our expert meditation coaches will listen, guide and encourage you through the process as you learn the art of being in the present. Email fitnessconcierge@livunltd.com to book your session. In-person and virtual options available.


High Tech Facial Treatments

Rescue Spa, Flatiron, Manhattan

Laser, infrared, blue light, frequencies, oh my! Rescue Spa is well known for its partnership with the cult-status skincare line, Paris-based Biologique Recherche. Indulge in an ultra-lux treatment or try a high-tech treatment with cutting-edge skincare technologies to target specific areas of concern.

Acupuncture + Gua Sha

ORA, Noho, Manhattan

Modern, convenient luxury meets traditional Chinese medicine at ORA, the healing escape designed by the Rockwell Group. Teas, tonics, gua sha, cupping, and acupuncture are on the menu, all designed to help you reconnect with yourself, and meet your chi. If you’re new to acupuncture treatment, ORA is an ideal place to kick-start your journey with their holistic approach to sessions including focuses on pain, mental and emotional health, digestion, immunity, and sexual health. This June, you can experience their highly curated and elevated treatments out East, either by booking an at-home or hotel room service or by visiting their pop-up at SoulCycle Barn. As a client of LIVunLtd, you have access to $25 off a single treatment session now through June 26th with the code LIV25.

Medical, Spa + Acupuncture

THE WELL New York, Flatiron, Manhattan

THE WELL is pioneering a new way to care for your health through spaces, products and programs that integrate modern medicine and ancient modalities. Their physical space, located in the heart of New York City, brings together a team of practitioners from functional medicine doctors to licensed acupuncturists to deliver personalized, holistic healthcare that works. They have everything from massages and Biologique Recherche facials to functional medicine sessions and acupuncture, designed to help you release stress and tension, address chronic pain, support hormonal health and more. 

Injectables + Cosmetic Facials

Ject, West Village, Upper East Side, Bridgehampton

Ject is an experience-forward spa specializing in cosmetic injectables and medical-grade skincare. With locations in the West Village, Upper East Side, and Bridgehampton, Ject approaches their practice as a carefully curated form of art. In a recent interview, the founder recommends the spa’s Gold Standard Facial, which offers everything you love about a regular facial plus an AquaGold treatment, which is a device that has 24K gold needles to infuse Botox, hyaluronic acid, and vitamins into the skin to improve tone and texture. Thanks to a great partnership our clients can use the code LIVUNLTD20 for 20% off all treatments.

Float Therapy

Vessel Floats, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Just opened in Brooklyn at 101 West Street, Vessel Floats is a mindfulness-oriented spa offering sensory deprivation and float therapy. What is float therapy you ask? Each tank is filled with 1.5 tons of saltwater to allow your presence to be effortless, and is free from both sound and light to ensure total elimination of external feelings. The brain can then drift into the theta-state, or the brainwave activity between half-awake and half dreaming. Regular floating practice can lead to a decrease in anxiety, depression, cortisol levels and improved sleep, as well as offering therapeutic benefits to those diagnosed with PTSD.

Contact your concierge to book any of the services listed here.