Your Guide To Learning Pods in NYC

October 2, 2020

While virtual learning may work for some students, one size does not fit all when it comes to getting an education. With the school year now in full swing, parents shouldn’t feel nervous about sending their kids into the classroom or whether or not they’re actually retaining information when logging on their Zoom class. There is no shortage of new services available to NYC families to explore every option for their student(s). We’ve gathered up the best in the business so you can “send” them to school, worry-free.

Babysitters Guild

For 80 years, the Babysitters Guild has matched busy families with in-home nannies and highly-vetted sitters all across NYC. This fall, they’ve expanded their offerings to include Learning Support for children enrolled in Pre-K to 6th grade in public or private schools. Their teaching assistants all come from a background in academic training or professional education to ensure that each child reaches the structure and encouragement they need for their education.

Learning Pods

Learning Pods take the at-home learning stress away from parents who are contemplating the task of homeschooling their children this year, or putting their health at risk and sending them to school. They group together children close in age and location for small group learning for a hands-on, collaborative-based learning experience in the safety of the home. 

Get Schoolhouse

Transform your living room, backyard, or child’s bedroom into the classroom with Get Schoolhouse! They’ll work with you to “design” your school by assessing your needs, hand-picking the best teachers within your area, establishing a schedule, and more to develop a personalized education that works for you and your little learner.

Varsity Tutors

The library of classes at Varsity Tutors offers something for every student at every age and skill level. Classes range from Recycled Art Masterpieces and Virtual Voice Club, to PSAT Prep and Magical Multiplication – the possibilities are truly endless! Plus, they offer 1-on-1 virtual tutoring sessions in academic, test prep, and enrichment areas. 

Fun Fit NYC

Looking to give your students a brain break with some extracurriculars? Let Fun Fit NYC handle it! Whether you’re looking for just an hour-long class or a full day of activities, they’ll create a schedule of multi-sport, dance, theatre, art, and outdoor games that your kiddo(s) will love. 


Gooroo’s mission is to bring the excitement of learning into the world while catering to the different needs of each of their students. Since the start of COVID-19, they’ve been offering complimentary live courses in subjects such as Middle School Math, College Applications, and Stock Market 101. In addition, they also offer a membership-based tutoring program that perfectly matches the teacher and student and guarantees academic results. 

LIVunLtd has established an exclusive perk for you to begin online tutoring with Gooroo. 

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