Best Puzzles Money Can Buy

April 28, 2020

Puzzles are suddenly the “thing,” and we’re excited to grab this opportunity to talk about something light and breezy. In our never-ending quest to be your go-to for the best and the coolest recommendations, we took some time to search and discover for the most interesting and unique puzzles. Here’s our shortlist. 

Art of Play

Puzzle Collection
$12 and up

Puzzles come in many shapes and forms, and thanks to Art of Play, you’re able to explore every type imaginable. Each puzzle is designed to boost creativity, train your mind, and challenge yourself in different ways. LIVunLtd clients have access to exclusive pricing, us the code LIVUNLTD15 for 15% off your next order.

Piecework Puzzles

Meta Puzzle
1000 pieces

Piecework was created to share the joy and satisfaction of working on a puzzle from start to finish with the rest of the world. Their mission is to create puzzles that are just as enjoyable to look at as they are to put construct.

Jiggy Puzzles

Bathing with Flowers
800 pieces

Coined as “Art in Pieces,” each Jiggy puzzle highlights art by emerging female artists from around the world with a percentage of the sale going directly to the artist. After putting the masterpiece together, you’ll find you’ll want to keep the pieces in their place, which is why every puzzle comes with the simple tools you’ll need to preserve the art and put on display.


Little Puzzle Thing Collection
70 pieces

Areaware knows how to make puzzle-making fun, quick, and delicious! Their Little Puzzle Thing Collection features 8″ x 8″, miniature puzzles in shapes of your favorite foods, munchies, objects, and smells. Go ahead, buy yourself the pizza-shaped puzzle, you deserve it.

Inner Piece Puzzles

Home Jigsaw Puzzle – Seth Armstrong
500 pieces

Based in Los Angeles, Inner Piece‘s mindful mission is more than just focusing on complimenting our brain’s natural state of calm. $1 from every puzzle sold goes to the youth mindfulness program, Peace in Schools – a nonprofit that provides training to students and educators to help cultivate emotional resilience.

Waves Puzzle Co.

Waves Puzzle
49 pieces

One puzzle, four color options, 49 pieces, and a million ways to solve it. The Waves Puzzle is perfect for all the minimalists out there looking to clear their minds and ride out their solution based on the tides of their day.

MoMa Design Store

Andy Warhol Selfies
1,000 pieces

The MoMa Design Store is known for housing the coolest gizmos and gadgets, so it’s only right that they also sell some of the coolest puzzles from the art world. This 1,000-piece puzzle features some of the most iconic Polaroid selfies from one of the leading figures in the pop art movement, Andy Warhol.

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