Fitness Equipment As Furniture

June 7, 2024

When you see these exquisite specimens, you might want to turn your living room into your new workout studio. Luckily, LIVunLtd sells a vast range of high-end fitness equipment to hundreds of clubs, corporate gyms and residential fitness centers. And while you might not be seeing these specific products in a commercial setting, we couldn’t resist sharing our favorite eye candy with you – and who knows, you might just decide you want to swap out a credenza for one of these beautiful nickel-plated dumbbell sets with a sleek, mid-century modern design.

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The WALKOLUTION MT1200 Curve Performance Treadmill Desk

The MT1200 Curve Performance Treadmill Desk’s sleek design integrates a high-performance treadmill with a spacious desk, offering a perfect balance between work and exercise.


The WALKOLUTION MTD900R Kybun Era Soft Treadmill with Desk

The MTD900R Kybun Era Soft Treadmill with Desk combines the renowned comfort of Kybun shoes with an integrated desk. Its soft tread surface ensures a gentle yet effective workout, while the adjustable desk height caters to individual preferences, making it perfect for both work and exercise.


The WALKOLUTION Active Sitting Ball

The Active Sitting Ball is a fantastic addition to any workspace aiming for comfort and health. Crafted with durable materials and designed for ergonomic support, it encourages active engagement of core muscles while sitting, promoting better posture and alleviating discomfort.


The NOHrD WaterRower Hybrid

The WaterRower Hybrid by NOHrD‘s unique combination of water resistance and adjustable magnetic resistance provides a smooth and challenging workout experience suitable for users of all fitness levels.


The NOHrD Bike

The NOHrD Bike‘s innovative design and advanced features such as adjustable resistance levels and a customizable saddle offers users a truly personalized and immersive workout experience.


The NOHrD Sprintbok

The NOHrD Sprintbok‘s curved treadmill surface and manual operation allows users to control their pace and intensity with precision, making every run feel natural and dynamic.


The Echelon Reflect Large

The Echelon Reflect Large transforms any room into a dynamic fitness studio with its sleek design and immersive training experience. Its expansive mirrored surface and interactive workouts redefine home fitness, empowering users to achieve their wellness goals with style and convenience.


The NOHrD Dumbbells

The NOHrD Dumbbells offer both durability and aesthetic appeal. With their sleek design and customizable weight options, they provide a versatile and effective workout solution for users of all fitness levels.


The NOHrD Elasko

The NOHrD Elasko offers a comfortable and stable platform for a variety of stretching and strength-building exercises. With its adjustable resistance levels and ergonomic design, the Elasko provides a customizable workout experience suitable for users of all fitness levels.