CHATS / Holiday Home Prep with Faith Roberson

November 25, 2019

It’s just about time to organize your home and start decorating for the most cheerful, wonderful, and hectic time of the year. Faith Roberson, the NYC-based professional organizer and life coach behind Organize With Faith,  shares her simple and creative tips that’ll help you make the most of your space, decor, and your sanity!

Tip 1 

Ornaments are for more than trees! You can use them to decorate around the house, whether that’s in wreaths, tucked between greenery in a tablescape, as napkin rings, or gathered in a bowl on the coffee table. Integrating ornaments in creative ways throughout your home gives you the opportunity to use everything that you’ve collected over the years. One of my favorite ways to use ornaments is as a charm on a present. It’s a gift-within-a-gift.

Particularly with older ornaments that I know I’m no longer going to use but don’t just want to toss, I can pass them along to friends in a clever way.

Tip 2

Untangling lights is a hassle; wrap them around cardboard to keep them from getting damaged during storage.

Tip 3

I like to store my ornaments and decorations in holiday boxes sold at The Container Store. They stack nicely and they allow me to keep track of how much I have. If I happen to buy new ornaments or decorations, I make sure they don’t exceed the amount that can fit in two of these boxes.

Tip 4

Keep the festivities going! I remember one holiday, I decorated my home in a heart theme, it was absolutely beautiful.  But once the holidays were over, I hated the idea of putting the ornaments away for an entire year.

So, I made a mobile that hangs in my home year around. Keep this in mind when purchasing holiday decorations, is there a way for me to purchase things that are festive without shouting “Christmas” or “Thanksgiving” if you gravitate towards items that embody Winter or Fall instead, you can keep them up longer and have a greater chance of repurposing them in the future.

Tip 5

The holidays are all about giving! There are so many people in need. It’s a great time to look around your house and ask yourself, if I’m not using something or haven’t worn something, can I give it to someone in need?

Organizations like I Support The Girls, Career Gear, New York Cares, Hour Children, Room To Grow, and many more are able to give to the homeless and New Yorkers in need because of the generosity of others!

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