11 Unique Workout Studios to Shake Up Your Usual Routine

September 14, 2022

Traditional weight and cardio fitness classes are packed with benefits, but from time to time, some of us get a bit restless with our usual routine. That’s when it’s time to change things up with something different – even if a bit unusual. With that in mind, we headed to the most unique fitness studios to discover what we believe is the best array of alternative ways to burn calories, boost cardio and reinvigorate your fitness routine.

Cycle Underwater at Aqua Studio

Cycle underwater at Aqua Studio, a boutique wellness club with a saltwater pool offering a 3-in-1 aqua cycling wellness experience. The classes at Aqua Studio help you to detox your body, build-up your endurance and strength, and heal and strengthen your deep muscles while supporting your bones and joints. With a variety of classes ranging from beginner to advanced levels, Aqua Studio has a class for you.

Play Padel at Padel Haus

Padel Haus is the first and only padel club in NYC, providing an intimate opportunity for padel players to hit and serve in a chic setting. Now open in Williamsburg with a Long Island City and Manhattan location in the works, the members-only, 16,000 square foot club and fitness center were designed for sports enthusiasts of all levels in mind. After paying the monthly membership fee, you’ll get access to 4 indoor padel courts, private locker rooms equipped with rain showers and a steam room, fitness programming in their boutique studio, internal tournaments, leagues, and clinics – plus, a padel pro shop and an organic juice bar.

Surf Indoors at Surfset

Surf’s up! Challenge your mind, body, and soul in new ways with unique surf-inspired workouts at Surfset. Featuring workouts that are equal parts fun and challenging, their interval-based classes combine elements of cardio, strength and balance training to leave you drenched in salt water (aka sweat!)

Trampoline Workout at The Ness

Experience a trampoline workout at The Ness, a dance-based, movement-focused fitness studio that offers workouts both on and off the trampoline! Featuring an intimate fitness experience that is anything but ordinary, The Ness offers a range of classes including group instruction, private training, and live and on-demand sessions you can enjoy from anywhere.

HIIT + Meditation at Mind Body Project

Breathe, burn, and calm at Mind Body Project, a new type of workout experience where HIIT meets meditation. This cohesive 50-minute workout takes you from complete calmness, to peak physical exertion, and all the way back down to calmness. Equipped with best-in-class amenities including showers, beauty bar stations, lockers, and a posh lounge with a built-in hammock, this immersive fitness studio tailors classes to all levels.

Bellydancing at Bellyqueen

Immerse yourself in a powerful, graceful, and dynamic cardio workout with Bellyqueen, a professional dance troupe and studio offering belly dancing classes in Egyptian and other Middle Eastern styles. Featuring individual classes, monthly courses, workshops and shows, Bellyqueen’s classes help you to engage your core and leave you feeling empowered.

Bungee Yoga at Om Factory

Defy gravity and experience weightlessness at Om Factory, a truly unique fitness experience offering aerial and bungee yoga classes. Combining classical yoga postures with aerial acrobatics, the invigorating classes at Om Factory promote strength, health and flexibility in ways you’ve never imagined.

Electro Muscle Stimulation at Impulse Fitness

Take your workout to the next level with Impulse Fitness, a personalized electro muscle stimulation training experience designed specifically for you. By tailoring each session to what you are looking for based on your individual goals and fitness level, Impulse Fitness’s whole body EMS training helps you to simultaneously contract 350 muscles within only 23 minutes – making it the most efficient and result oriented way to train.

Boxing and Mindfulness at Box + Flow

Reach equilibrium in mind, body and soul at Box + Flow, a mindful fitness studio combining boxing with flow sequences. In this immersive workout, you will find balance through a 45-minute flight and flow experience that consists of shadowboxing, heavy bag work, and a calming flow sequence to reset and bring balance to the mind and body.

Themed Yoga at Y7

Enjoy themed yoga at Y7 Studio, a unique yoga studio offering sweat dripping, beat bumping, and candlelit yoga. Featuring stunning studios heated with state-of-the-art infrared technology, the classes at Y7 Studio are hosted in dark, candlelit rooms with no mirrors to encourage you to turn your focus inward and explore your individual practice. Stay tuned to Y7 Studio’s Instagram stories each week for the complete schedule of their themed yoga classes!

Dance + Sip Cocktails with Dance Fit Experiences

Perfect for those who are looking to stay fit and be social, Dance Fit Experiences combines dance, cardio, and cocktail sipping into one workout! The Coastal Captains at Dance Fit Experiences host intimate dance classes that include jazz, hula hoop, and hip hop elements that allow you to embrace your inner diva while staying fit at the same time. After working up a sweat, you will be educated on (and be able to enjoy!) cocktails that support a healthy body and mind with your fellow classmates.

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