Your Guide to Inside: Kid’s Edition

March 26, 2020

An Educational Trip To Paris

Bonjour les petits enfants! Learn all about Parisien culture without ever having to leave your building! Start by teaching your kiddos basic French from the best platform for learning a language, Duolingo Kids. After their first session, reward their hard work with a tasting of Ladurée’s classic macarons flavors, baked fresh and delivered right to your door. Round out your time abroad by letting your young artist channel their inner Monet by creating their very own work of art with Faber-Castell’s complete paint set.

Little Astronauts

Blast off! Kids will become an expert in outer space with this intergalactic day of fun! Watch and listen as famous astronauts make it their mission to read space-themed children’s books live from space on Story Time From Space. Afterward, create your very own spaceship with CAMP Kids Stores’ wooden spaceship craft kit. After a long day of traveling through the solar system, dine just like a true astronaut with freeze-dried, neapolitan ice cream sandwiches.


Capture the fun of the outdoor camping without worrying about bugs, the weather, or squeezing the entire family into a tent. Keep the kids entertained with an action-packed schedule of activities! Set up craft stations for your campers to get creative with a Kid Made Modern Craft kit, and The Dough Project’s Dough it Yourself kit. Created a unique scavenger hunt around the house, Kids Activites has put together a fun list of riddles to get you started. Gather around the ‘campfire’ for homemade s’mores that will melt in your mouth, made possible by this indoor s’mores station and kit.

Dance Party

Dance, move and sing! It’s important to stay active while stuck indoors. Encourage your kiddos to dress up in their wackiest outfit, from the hat on their head to the shoes on their feet. Join Jam with JamiePuppetsburg, Rockness Music and more every day at various times for movin’ and groovin’!

Spa Day

Kids deserve a spa day too! Transform your apartment into a full-service spa and get the whole family involved in a day of relaxation. Create DIY face masks and bath bombs with household ingredients you already have in your pantry! Keep the zen-like atmosphere alive as you livestream a family yoga session from Love Child Yoga. Don’t forget to have out cucumber + fruit infused water to stay refreshed. Happy pampering!

We’re Here For You

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