CHATS / More in ’24 Explained with Brian Sheehan

January 24, 2024

 We recently sat down with Brian Sheehan, CEO of Amenity Collective, the parent company under whose umbrella LIVunLtd operates.

Why did LIV North, Heartline Fitness, Club & Leisure and LIVunLtd join forces?

Joining forces instantly created a broader breadth of expertise that we believe will be more valuable to our clients and enables us to be a truer embodiment of the term “single source solution”.

What did each individual company do prior to coming together?

The most simple explanation is that each company essentially did the same things and will continue doing the same things – staffing, equipping, operating and creating programming.

If each company did the same thing, then how were they different?

The main difference was the specific market segment that had organically become the area of focus for the respective companies. LIV North’s business was heavily weighted on equipment sales and facility operations in the commercial and corporate wellness sector. LIVunLtd (the original NYC iteration) vastly occupied the luxury residential amenity sector and became known for their programming and events. Heartline Fitness was the nation’s largest servicer of fitness equipment, and they also have a significant footprint in fitness equipment sales. Club & Leisure was heavily weighted in municipalities.  As I have said before, the service offerings of this combined group are broad, AND the opportunities for synergies are massive. 

What is the new “elevator pitch” that best describes the 2024 version of LIVunLtd?

LIVunLtd is North America’s largest single source solution for a wide variety of venues, including luxury lifestyle communities, recreational facilities, fitness centers, and amenity spaces.  We offer our clients services that assist them from initial concept to completion and all stages in between.  Our ability to provide design services, fitness equipment and service, amenity management, and programming services are unmatched in industry.