How to Make Today a Spa Day

April 10, 2018

by LIVunLtd Director of Spa + Wellness, Kate Mearns

Why wait until you can get to a spa to have a spa-like day?  There is no need to hold off.  Here are a few things you can do to feel like you are waking up at a full-service spa.

1. Change your alarm setting.

Forget the buzzer, wake up to the sound of gentle instrumental music or the sounds of waves crashing on the ocean shore.

2. Stretch and walk.

Do some simple stretches to loosen up your muscles and go for a brisk early morning walk. Don’t wait. Get outside and enjoy the day early.

3. Enjoy a healthy breakfast.

Fruit, yogurt, avocado toast, whatever you have. It may sound silly for those always on the “go” but plate your meal and enjoy it as if you were in a quiet restaurant. Make breakfast an “event” not a “grab and go.”

4. Go TV free.

Turn off the news. Enough said.

5. Pay it forward.

We feel better inside when we are kind to others.

6. Create some quiet time.

If you can, schedule a massage. If time doesn’t permit, force yourself to relax for 30—45 minutes. Find a quiet place, be still, and concentrate on your breathing. Avoid distractions.

7. Phone a friend.

Reach out and connect with an old friend. Not only will this make you feel good, it will make their day special as well.

8. Escape Technology.

After a healthy dinner, when it’s time to catch a few Zzzz’s, keep technology out of the bedroom. Just for today—no Facebook, Instagram, or social media of any kind in your sleep zone. Read a book, relax and drift away knowing you can repeat this all tomorrow if you want.

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