Finding Connection: A Guide to Solo Adventures

June 3, 2024

In today’s fast-paced, digital world, we are always connected, but many are feeling lonelier than ever before. This phenomenon is called the loneliness epidemic and it’s so prevalent, even the NY Times wrote about it. 

The good news is, you aren’t alone in this feeling and you don’t have to feel this way forever. And to help you get out of this rut and feel more connected, we put together a guide for solo adventures you can do to step out of your comfort zone, meet new people, and have fun along the way.

Everything here and more can be arranged by us, and you can send us your request through the LIV appour web portal, or by emailing or calling us directly. 


Book Club

Discover new books, have meaningful discussions, and connect with like-minded individuals by joining a book club. Bookclubs is a free hub with numerous in-person and virtual opportunities to connect.


Build meaningful connections through outdoor experiences. Outsiders brings together urban explorers, outdoor enthusiasts, and thrill seekers, all looking for their next adventure with like-minded individuals.

Dance Church

Dance, move, and break a sweat at a Dance Church, a communal space for people who want to move their bodies. Classes are led by professional artists in dance spaces across the country including Los Angeles, Seattle, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Austin, and more.


Volo Sports

Volo Sports leagues offer a fun way to get active, socialize, and meet new people, whether you’re building a squad or trying a new sport. They provide an easy way to catch up with friends weekly, meet different teams, and enjoy various levels of competition and exercise.

Workout Studios

Group fitness classes are a great option for those who are a bit restless with their usual routine and want to find a fitness community. Here are some unique fitness studios to give a try.

City Girls Who Walk

Throw on your sneakers and head over to the Central Park West & 72nd Street entrance at noon every Sunday to join and meet new friends with City Girls Who Walk (time and meetups can vary so be sure to check their Instagram for more info).


Happy Medium

Happy Medium‘s events cater to adult beginners seeking a fun, creative break with activities like painting, pottery, and figure drawing. Their Art Cafe is a unique spot where instead of food, you can order art experiences.

92 NY

Join a vibrant cultural community and connect with people from all over the world at 92 NY. Classes and events extend beyond the arts to include culture, entertainment, conversation and more.


Give wheel-throwing clay a spin at BKLYN CLAY and create one-of-a-kind pieces at their TryDay Night classes. The studio is an open and friendly environment, perfect for attending alone to make new connections.


City Harvest

Join your neighbors and dedicate your time to the food rescue movement to help feed your local community with City Harvest. Volunteer opportunities are available year-round.

NYC Gov Parks

Pick from hundreds of groups working to improve local parks and public spaces with NY Gov Parks. By getting involved you’ll be able to connect with your neighbors and help make your local green spaces beautiful.

Ronald McDonald House

Extend a helping hand and bring smiles to sick children and their families by volunteering at Ronald McDonal House. There are several options to get involved including meal services, program to-go packaging, hospital outreach and more.


Coffee Project NY

Elevate your coffee game at one of many upcoming classes at Coffee Project NY and connect with fellow coffee enthusiasts. From late art and coffee tasting to intensive barista courses, you’ll pick up a few tricks to make your morning ritual an art.

Apotheke Mixology

Learn the art of mixology at Apotheke Academy with guided classes that walk you through the creation of four cocktails. Themes include Market Fresh, Prohibition Era, Spirits of Mexico, and Absinthe Minded.

Class Bento

ClassBento is a great option for food lovers looking for an immersive culinary experience.  Bring a friend, a date, or just yourself and your appetite for a few hours of fun. If cooking isn’t your thing, they also have art, candle making, cocktail classes and more.

Everything here and more can be arranged by us, and you can send us your request through the LIV appour web portal, or by emailing or calling us directly.